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heir enemies were of a breath-taking eleg●ance — cavalry in white armour ●which formed and dissolved across the rou●te of their march like clouds.● At close range one saw they were men in purple ▓cloaks, embroidered tunics and narrow▓ silk trous

ers.They wore gold● chains round their intricate dark nec


ks and ▓bracelets on their javelin-arms.They were as d▓esirable as a flock of women.T●heir voices were high and fre●sh.What a contrast they offered t▓o the slingers, case-hardened veterans of the li●ne, conscious only of winter▓s which froze their sanda

ls to thei▓r feet or summers whose sweat d▓ried the leat


her underfoot until it ▓became as hard as dry marble.A go●ld bounty and not passion had entraine●d them in this adventure whi▓ch they bore with the stoicism of all wage-e●arners.Life had become a sexless s▓trap sinking deeper and ever d

eeper into the f●lesh.The sun had parched and c●ured the

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m and the dust had rendered them vo●iceless.The brave plumed helmets with which th▓ey had been issued were too hot to ●wear at midday.Africa, which they▓ had somehow visualized as an ▓extension of Euro

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pe — an extension▓ of terms, of references to a defini●tive past — had already asserted its●elf as something different: a forbid●ding darkness where the croaking● ravens matched the dry exclamations

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of ●spiritless men, and rationed ●laughter fashioned from breath simply the chitt▓ering of baboons.Sometimes ▓they captured someone — a solita●ry frightened man out hunting hares — a●nd were amazed